The Fellowship:


SBI Youth for India is a fellowship programme initiated, funded and managed by the State Bank of India as a CSR activity , in partnership with reputed NGOs. It provides a framework for India's best young minds to join hands with rural communities, empathise with their struggles and connect with their aspirations. The Programme seeks to help India secure an equitable and sustainable growth path by:

  • Providing educated Indian youth with an opportunity to touch lives and create positive change at the grass root level in rural India.
  • Providing NGOs working on development projects in rural India with educated manpower whose skill sets can be used to catalyze rural development.
  • Promoting a forum for the Programme alumni to share ideas and contribute to rural development throughout their professional life.


SBI Youth for India was envisioned with an aim to act as a bridge between the following stakeholders of India’s growth story:

  1. Bright Young minds – SBI YFI provides a platform for youngsters to acquire deeper understanding of pressing rural issues. The process sharpens their critical thinking, team management skills and innovative thought process to transform them into professionals, policymakers and social entrepreneurs with a holistic worldview.
  2. NGOs – For decades, many NGOs have been overcoming the odds in the rural areas of India. Their battles are as basic as potable water to as complex as gender inequality. They are always in need of intellectually gifted volunteers to accelerate the process. SBI YFI Fellows have excelled in ongoing projects and have also initiated new projects in the focus area of partner NGOs to create visible change.
  3. Rural Communities – India’s growth story is far from being complete without contribution from its 833 million strong rural population. Rural India is facing various problems and needs solutions that are not just feasible but also sustainable. SBI YFI Fellows are working to bring about the much needed change to create inclusive growth.

Core Values:

All stakeholders to the fellowship are governed by its core values. These values are reflected in our conduct and guide us to positively impact the community, fellows and partners.

  1. Respect
  2. We hold respect for an individual as the cornerstone of the SBI YFI fellowship. We embrace diversity, value distinct opinions, encourage aspirations and appreciate unique talents to create a collaborative culture that is conducive to ideas. We believe in treating others as we expect to be treated.

  3. Service to the Community
  4. Healthy communities are the building blocks of great civilizations. Nations flourish when common objectives are put before personal goals. We, at SBI YFI, encourage an environment where relationships are valued, distribution is fair and roles are played effectively. For there is no doubt that even a small service to the community makes the world a better place to live in.

  5. Creativity
  6. Unconventional is the new norm and out-of-the-box thinking is the new mantra. We, at SBI YFI, value innovations and intend to create a culture where ideas are encouraged and nurtured. In our opinion, it is a simple yet imperative process that can be achieved just by changing our way of looking at problems. At YFI, we replace “What?” with “What If!”, “How?” with “How about!” and “Why?” with “Why not!” to create a new world of infinite possibilities.

  7. Fairness
  8. Nature treats everyone equally. We draw our inspiration from nature to look at every stakeholder with the same lens. Well-chalked out policies, transparent operations and honest communication to all the stakeholders are carried out to ensure an unbiased conduct. We wish to inculcate this value in all the communities and individuals we touch because we believe that Fairness alone can bridge the urban-rural development divide.

Our History:

The SBI Youth for India Fellowship was conceptualized to accelerate growth and development in the rural sector by bridging the urban-rural divide while transforming Fellows into caring citizens with a more holistic worldview. The Fellowship was launched on 1st March 2011, in partnership with three reputed NGOs. 27 fellows of the pilot batch were selected out of 4500 applications. After a review of its impact, the fellowship was scaled up and in September 2014, the second batch, comprising of 51 Fellows, started their fellowship work. In August 2015, 55 fellows were selected out of 15000 applications for the 3rd batch. Presently, the 4th batch of 65 fellows are working at 32 locations across 9 states of the country in partnership with 7 reputed NGOs. The alumni continue to be actively involved in the development sector.


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The Applications for the SBI Youth for India Fellowship 2017-18 is closed. Please write to in case you want to be notified when the application for the next Fellowship batch opens.

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